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Fiscal Year 2017
January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

Officers/Review Committee
President            Jason Schue       717-465-8717
Vice President    Tim Fuhrman       717-698-0271
Secretary            Jody Pritt            717-357-2370
Treasurer            Ron Pritt             717-465-0055.
Trustee               Bryan Mallette    717-439-8356.
Trustee               Becky Fetter       717-360-9984
Trustee               Jen Chenault      717-586-7974

Saturday racing, Unless otherwise posted
                                    1:00 – 2:15pm             Driver Registration/Sign-Ins
                                    2:15 – 2:30pm             Driver’s meeting
                                    2:30 – 3:00pm             Open practice
                                    3:00 – 4:15pm             Warm ups/scheduled practice
                                    4:15 – 4:30pm             SNT qualifying/time trials
                                    4:30 – 4:45pm             Break
                                    4:45 – 6:00pm             Heat Races
                                    6:00 – 6:10pm             Intermission
                                    6:10 – 8:30pm             Feature Races
                                    10:00pm                      Everyone needs to be off the premises! 



1.       Hunterstown Speedway will be OPEN TIRE rule for the 2017 season.


3.      INSURANCE PIT PASS ARM BANDS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES IN THE PIT AREA.  Anyone caught in the pit area WITHOUT a pass, will be given a warning to obtain one immediately.  If that same person is caught in the pits again without at pass, he/she will be banned from the pits indefinitely.  That person will be fined $25.00 which must be paid prior to being permitted on the property.  Any driver that has someone in their pit area that does not have a pass will not be allowed to race.  If anyone enters the pit area after the races have started and do not have a pass, that driver will lose his/her points for the event and have no option to “throw-away.”

4.      Anyone obtaining an INSURANCE PIT PASS ARMBAND AND SIGNING WAIVER TO BE IN THE PIT AREA IS AGREEING TO ALL RULES WRITTEN AND UNWRITTEN.  Everyone is also to abide to any decisions made by the board officers or track officials.

5.      Mandatory Drivers’ Meeting – Roll call will be taken each week.  Failure to attend a drivers’ meeting will result in driver starting in the rear of the heat.  ALL junior drivers must have a parent or guardian present at the drivers’ meeting with the junior driver.

6.      No one is permitted in the scoring tower without permission from one (1) of the track officials or board members.  Entry without permission will result in a loss of points for the night without the option to “throw-away.”

7.      Do not park in the pit area unless you have a kart.

8.      Reserved pit spaces must be honored.  If anyone other than the reserved space holder is parked in the space, they will be asked to move to another pit space.

9.      No glass containers of any kind are permitted on the Hunterstown Kart Club property.  No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed in the pits.  If anyone in the driver’s party is found drinking or using illegal substances, the driver will be disqualified from racing that night.  If the driver is found drinking or using illegal substances, that driver will be out for the year and not eligible for any awards.

10.   NO FIREARMS are permitted on Hunterstown Kart Club property.

11.   NO KART DRIVING IN THE PIT AREA.  All drivers MUST STOP THEIR KART BEFORE THE LINE EXITING THE SCALES.  Drivers must push their karts to the grid area and then start them.  Any driver found driving their kart in the pits will lose their points for the event.

12.   Anyone calling the police to the Hunterstown Kart Club without the permission of the club officers,         will not be permitted to race at Hunterstown Kart Club indefinitely.


14.   EQUIPMENT FINES:  Anyone who damages any property, buildings, equipment, etc belonging to  Hunterstown Kart Club will be fined an amount determined by the board.

15.  UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  This includes swearing, pushing, shoving, obscene language or gestures by drivers and spectators.  Fines will be assessed as follows: 
            1st offense--$50.00 fine and possible suspension, per review by the board.  
            2nd offense--$50.00 fine plus two (2) weeks suspension, per review by the board
            3rd offense--$50.00 fine and banned from racing for the remainder of the season and lose any
            end of year awards and money, per review by the board.


17.   THE DRIVER IS RESPONSIBLE for himself/herself, their crew and other spectators in their pit area.

18.   FINES or SUSPENSIONS— All fines must be paid before being allowed back in the pits or to race.  All suspension time periods must be served before being allowed back in the pits or to race.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Any driver with outstanding fines/suspensions will not be eligible for any end of year awards or money.  Fines/suspensions will be carried over year to year.  Drivers/spectator must pay any fines or serve suspensions in the next racing season prior to being permitted on Hunterstown Kart Club property. 

19.   Weather cancellation – Pit passes are honored the following week ONLY if there are zero (0) karts on  the track before cancellation.  See Points & Awards for rules on points related to weather cancellation.

Age Regulations

1.       Proof of age is required for all minor drivers seventeen (17) years of age and younger.  A copy of driver’s birth certificate must be visualized by track registration official. 

2.       Any minor driver will be given two (2) weeks to present a copy of birth certificate.  If a copy is not presented within two (2) weeks, the driver will not be permitted to race until one is provided. 

3.       Age limitations are effective December 31, 2016.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

4.       Age Waiver-- Any driver that is sixteen (16) years old by December 31, 2016 MUST run in a Senior class.  If a minor driver’s birthday falls after December 31, 3016, then he or she may stay in a Junior class or waiver up to a Senior class.  An Age Waiver Consent Form must be signed by parent/guardian and driver.

a.       Junior class to junior class – In addition to the class you are of proper age to run, you may run one class higher than that class in addition to your regular class.  **This means you may run both classes on any given night.

b.      Junior class to senior class – Any driver may move up from a junior class to a senior class with a signed age waiver.  If you are racing for points, after two (2) weeks in senior class, you are not able to waiver back down to a junior class. 
              i.      There may be some circumstances when there is only one (1) kart present to race a Junior Champ or Junior Restricted class.  Only at this time it may be permitted to race in a senior class as approved by the board.  Points will be earned for the class that the driver participated in.
             ii.      If a minor driver is only running the money class and does not race at the speedway on a weekly basis, then the junior to senior waiver rule does not apply.

Points and Awards

1.       Year End Awards – A driver must have raced 60% of the season to qualify for year end awards.  An Awards Banquet ticket MUST be purchased to receive any year end awards.

2.      “Throw Away” Weeks -- Any driver competing for Hunterstown Speedway points will be allowed two (2) “throw away” weeks.  This will start with the first points race and continue until, and including, the last points race.  This is to allow competitors to miss two (2) weeks without being penalized.  Drivers are NOT allowed to use as “throw away” any week you are not awarded points due to being illegal in tech, disqualifications, suspensions, etc.

3.      Tie In Points -- In the event of a tie in points at the end of the season, the driver who has the most feature wins will take 1st place for that class.  If there is still a tie, then it will go to the driver who had the most 2nds, 3rds, and so forth.  This format will also be used when breaking a tie for the final four (4) weeks of inversion.

4.      Double Points Events – On weeks that double points are being offered, drivers will receive double heat race points and double feature race points.  In the event of weather cancellation, the rules of #5 will be followed.

5.      Weather Cancellation -- If any race is rained out and all of the heats were ran, then every driver that paid an entry fee will be awarded 150 points in addition to their points earned in the heat race.  If all of the heats are not completed and races are cancelled, the driver’s race entry fee ONLY will be honored the following week.  If races are rained out at any point during the feature races, completed feature drivers will receive finishing place points as normal.  Any features that are not run due to weather, drivers will receive 150 points in addition to their heat race points.


1.      Hunterstown Kart Club, Inc. will post a list of Classes offered.  Classes may be added or deleted at the discretion of track officials.

2.      If a class normally has three (3) or more karts then a week occurs that there is only one (1) or two (2) karts, the driver will receive points for the race as long as he/she goes out when that class is called and take the green flag.  This rule is here for the drivers that support Hunterstown Speedway each and every week. 

3.      Classes with less than three (3) karts for three (3) consecutive weeks will be eliminated for the year, pending the drivers can move into another class.


        1.   Intent to Defraud – Any competitor who would falsify his or her age, modify their kart or engine  with the intent to compete illegally or defraud the race officials by such modifications or actions, will result in the loss of points and awards for that event and be subject to suspension upon review of all evidence by the Hunterstown Kart Club Officials.  Hunterstown Kart Club Officials reserve the right to impound any illegal parts for further review.  This event cannot be a “throw-away”. If found with the intent to cheat (big cam, big carb., etc.) you will lose ALL points and awards gained up to and  including that point in the season.

2.  Unsportsmanlike driving penalties (rough driving) will not be tolerated at any point during a race, in the pit chute or at the scales.  Competitor(s) participating in such actions will be black flagged and receive zero (0) points for that event without the option to “throw-away.”  Example – If a driver is black flagged in the heat race and given zero (0) points, the feature race points earned are not eligible to be used as a “throw-away”.

3.  Transponders are assigned and distributed at registration.  A state driver’s license or ID will be required to receive a transponder.  The transponder shall be placed on the steering shaft, on the left side nurf bar, in a transponder bag.  Transponders must be returned to receive weekly points and/or awards.
       a.      Any driver who goes out on the track and does not record having a transponder on their kart: Driver will lose their starting position (will be moved to the back of the line-up) and a transponder will be retrieved by an official and placed on the kart.
       b.      Penalty for not attaching a transponder correctly to the kart: If the transponder comes off and becomes broken – the replacement, or repair, cost for the transponder will be the driver’s responsibility.  The driver will be disqualified without the option to “throw-away”.  
       c.       Replacement cost of a transponder - $330.00
                 i.      Any driver who loses their transponder will be responsible for replacing it.  
                ii.      Any driver who breaks a transponder not related to an accident on the track will be responsible for replacing it.  

4.       RACECEIVER RADIOS ARE MANDATORY.  EVERY driver MUST have a working receiver at all times.

a.      Any driver who races with a broken receiver will have to pay the $10.00 to rent one and then you will start in the rear. 

5.       Medical – Anyone needing medical attention must notify the track secretary the day of the event.  The medical insurance ceases when the drive returns to racing by signing a medical waiver.

6.       Start of the Race
          a.      When a class is called to the grid, go to your starting spot on the grid and get ready to start engines.  Track officials reserve the right to penalize any driver who is not on the grid within the line-up of their class.  Meaning that you will start in the rear.  This is in an effort to reduce the risk of injury to all persons on the grid.
          c.        Questions concerning your line-up position MUST be addressed prior to going out on the track.  After the FIRST kart is on the track, no position will be changed.  If a kart drops out prior to the green flag, karts in that line move forward.
          d.       Starting positions for the heat race will be based on pulling pills.  Feature starts will be determined by the heat race finish and will stay this way til end of the year.
       e.      When the flagman, or grid steward, tell you to start your engine, the two (2) minute clock begins.  When everyone is ready, or the two (2) minute clock runs out, the class will be sent to the track.  NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE TRACK AFTER THE TWO (2) MINUTE CLOCK EXPIRES.
        f.        # of Laps will be at the discretion of track officials and may be affected by time constraints, weather, and number of karts.  Special events and classes may have more or less laps and will be announced.  Regular racing includes:
                     i.       Heat races will be twelve (12) laps.
                    ii.       Points Feature races will be fifteen (15) laps.
                    iii.      Saturday Night Thunder Feature races will be twenty (20) laps.  These classes will do qualifying laps.
        g.      There will be a twelve (12) minute time limit for heat races and fifteen (15) minute limit for the feature races from the drop of the green flag.  Time during any red flag condition will be excluded.
        h.      Number of karts in heat races
                     i.      All junior classes and the Sr. Champ classes will be split for the heat race in the event that there are twelve (12) or more entries.  There will be no more than twenty-four (24) karts in any class in feature race.
                     ii.      In the event that a consolation race is needed, the top eighteen (18) starting positions will be determined by the heat race results.  Six (6) karts will transfer from the consolation race to the feature race.  Consolation races will have the same number of laps as the heat races.

7.       Green Flag
         a.      All karts must take the green flag to receive points.
         b.      All starts and restarts will be when the HEAD Flagman throws the green flag.  Use of pylons/cones will be at the discretion of the track officials.  Flagmen are in charge when the race starts.  If a Corner Flagman throws a yellow and the Head Flagman has the green flag out, the yellow flag will be honored.
         c.       There will be one (1) chance at a double file start, after that, the race will be restarted single file.

8.      Yellow Flag
         a.      In the event of a yellow flag on the first lap and All of the drivers did not cross the finish line, there will be a COMPLETE restart, single file.
         b.      In the event of an accident, the competitor(s) causing the caution, along with any competitor that stops on the track will be sent to the rear.  Competitor(s) who are told to go to the rear and refuse will be black-flagged.  This will result in zero (0) points for that race without the option to “throw-away”.
         c.        All restart line-ups will revert to the last completed lap with all competitor(s) involved with the incident going to the rear.
         d.       You may have one (1) engine restart after the green flag drops.
         e.       If your engine stalls under caution, and you were not the cause of the caution, you will get your spot back.
          f.        If a kart is disabled ONLY due to a chain popping off, the driver will have one (1) opportunity to repair this on the track without tools and will start in the rear.

9.       Blue Flag
          a.      All karts being lapped will be given the blue flag and/or contacted by raceceiver, that the leaders are coming and to hold your line.

10.   White Flag
         a.      If the leader takes the white flag and there is a caution on the final lap, the race is complete.  There will be not be a one (1) lap shoot-out.  Everyone will be scored accordingly with the competitor(s) causing the caution to be scored at the rear.

11.   Black Flag
        a.      Any kart causing three (3) cautions in one race will be black flagged off the track and scored accordingly.
        b.       Any driver that intentionally spins out, that driver will be black flagged off the track and will result in a loss of points for that race and cannot be used as a “throwaway”.
        c.        If a driver is black flagged for any reason, GET OFF THE TRACK IMMEDIATELY!!!  If the driver is not off the track within one (1) lap, that driver forfeits their points for that race without the option to “throw-away”.
        d.       When a class is black flagged off of the track for any reason, the race will be ran at the end of the program according to the last completed lap.  If there is one (1) lap completed, nobody in the infield can restart.  If the class is black flagged without any laps completed, the race will be started by the original line-up and all karts can restart in their original position.

12.   Red Flag
        a.      Pull to the inside of the track, stopping immediately and shut off karts engine to allow emergency personnel on the track to access the incident.

        b.       Any driver that does not stop their kart as quickly and safely as possible under the red flag will be disqualified from that event without the option to “throw-away”.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!
         c.        In the event of a red flag after ¾ of the race is complete, the race will be considered complete.
                  EXAMPLE – nine (9) of twelve (12) laps or twelve (12) of fifteen (15) laps
                           The order of the finish will revert back to the last completed green flag lap with the person causing the red flag scored at the rear.

13.   Checkered Flag  Once the checkered flag is thrown, the race is complete.

14.   Finish of the Race
             a.      Any kart (s) that do not finish the race will be scored accordingly and given points.

             b.   All karts must scale at the end of the race to receive points.

15.  POSITIVELY NO STOPPING ON THE TRACK to make adjustments at anytime (removal of damaged, unsafe bodywork) is allowed with permission of flagman.  Anyone stopping on the track will be BLACK FLAGGED and lose his/her points for the night.  

16.   Anyone deliberately not obeying track officials will be BLACK FLAGGED for the night.  Driver will not be able to use as a “throw-away,” under discretion of track officials.

17.  NO DRIVER is permitted to exit the track at the ambulance entrance for any reason.


1.      The Hunterstown Kart Club Officers that are listed on the front page, are to be used for discussing disagreements and answering and questions that DRIVERS may have.  The officers and other track officials (Flagman, etc) will be involved in the decision making process of all protests.  THE DECISION MADE BY THE MAJORITY IS FINAL IN ALL PROBLEMS AND WILL BE TO THE BEST INTEREST OF ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.

You must have raced in the same race that you may be protesting.  NOTE: Your kart will be teched before your competitors kart.
All protests must be placed before the kart you are protesting leaves the scales.  You may pay for a protest before you go out on the track, or have a representative pay on your behalf.
If protested competitor is illegal, protestor gets his/her money back.  If the protested competitor is legal, the protested receives the money.  If the competitor is found to be illegal, that competitor loses his/her points for the night, without option to “throw away”.

Fuel tech, restrictor plate, OR oil (4-cycle)                                        $  10.00
4-cycle top end (carb, stroke, head, cam profile)                              $100.00
Complete 4-cycle tear down ($50.00/tech and $50.00/karter)         $200.00
2-cycle top end (to crank and rod)                                                     $  75.00
Complete 2-cycle tear down                                                             $125.00
Kart tech (body, seat, chassis, etc)                                                     $  50.00

 The current WKA Technical Manual is used as a guideline for all tech issues excluding the Clone that will be NKA Book.
Hunterstown Kart Club official reserve the right to tech any kart and/or engine at any time.
Tech officials are present to complete the tear down from either a protest or track decision.  Any person that harasses, or disrupts, the tech officials with their actions will lose their points for the night in all classes with no option to “throw away”.

1st offense       Lose points for the night, no options to “throw away”
2nd offense       Lose points for the night, suspend for one (1) race, no option to “throw away” (per decision of track officials)
3rd offense       Suspended from racing for the year, lose all rights to any awards and money (per decision of track officials)
The penalty for refusing tech/tear down is the same as if found illegal.


          1.   Helmets/Clothing
                a.  Helmets must be SA2010 certified for Champ karts and M-2010 for Flat karts.
                b.  Drivers must wear heavy jackets, heavy pants, gloves, high top leather shoes, neck brace and an approved SA 2010, or newer, full face helmet. 
                c. All Jr. Champ kart racers must wear a full SFI Certified fire suit.
                d.  It is recommended that ALL ADULT CHAMP kart drivers wear a SFI Certified fire suit.
                e.      CHEST PROTECTORS ARE MANDATORY PER WKA SPECS AS A GUIDELINE for all children twelve (12) years and under that are running FLAT karts
                f.        Long hair/pony tails must be secured in helmet or under uniform.


          3.  Changing Kart and/or Engine:  You must finish the heat and the feature using the same kart that you  started the race with.  You can use one (1) kart in the heat and another in the feature.  Since the driver   is qualified by the heat race, the starting position for the feature is earned by the finish in the heat – regardless of the kart being used.  If there is an inspection, and you used two (2) different karts, or engines, both kart engines or karts will be inspected.  You must notify scorers if there is a number change or a kart change PRIOR TO GOING ON THE TRACK.  If the scorers are not notified before you go on the track, you will be black flagged off and will not receive any points for that race and no option to “throw-away.”  Notify the race director or tech inspector, NOT YOUR ENGINE BUILDER, if changing an engine.  Tech/Track Official must initial motor.  If motor is found illegal, driver will be disqualified in all classes with no option to “throw-away.”

        4.   All karts and drivers must pass a WKA Pre-tech check using WKA rules as a guideline.  Inspection items are listed in the WKA Technical manual as a guideline.

        5.   4 Cycle MUFFLERS ARE MANDATORY (only exception is the Limited Flathead class)

        6.   KART NUMBERS         
                    a.  All karts must have legible plates with 6” NUMBERS/LETTERS ON ALL FOUR (4) SIDES AND CAN ONLY BE UP TO THREE (3) DIGITS to receive points. 
                    b.  Number plates should be cleaned or replaces after each race so they are visible to the scorers or the driver will not be scored for that race.  SCORERS MUST BE ABLE TO MAKE OUT NUMBERS ON KARTS!!  Some colors do not match well for scorers to see.  If your numbers are hard to see, you will be asked to change them. For example:   No orange, red, blue and black combinations and no yellow, green, white combinations.  
                    c.   MAKE SURE YOUR NUMBERS CONTRAST.  No clear plates will be allowed.  No metal fairings, wings or side pods.
                    d.  Reserved kart numbers:  drivers may reserve their kart number.  If any driver that has not reserved their kart number will be required to change their number or mark with an “X” prior to the heat races if there are conflicting numbers in that class.

        7.  SCALING
                   a.   All karts (and driver) must be weighed after each heat, qualifying, or feature.  Driver must  place kart completely horizontal on the scales.  Any tampering with the scales will result in  disqualification.  If any driver and kart refuses to weight, they lose their points for the night and no option to “throwaway”. 
                   b.   No weights are allowed in your pockets.  Ankle and wrist weights are not allowed. 
                   c.   ALL LEAD MUST BE PAINTED WHITE AND HAVE YOUR NUMBER ON IT!!            
                    d.   Underweight:  If a driver is found light at the scales after their heat, the driver will lose their points for the heat and start in the rear for the feature.  If the driver is still light after their feature, the driver will lose their points for the feature.  This is to try and eliminate people  intentionally running light in any class.  If light at the scales, the driver gets one additional  opportunity to immediately back up, zero the scales and rescale.  If the driver is still light, the will be disqualified.  If the driver is light by five (5) pounds or more, of if they refuse to weigh, they may face a week suspension on the 1st offense.  On the 2nd offense, if the driver may not be allowed to race in that class again.  These decisions will be made by the officers/track                officials.


      9.   FUEL should be in marked containers.
             a.  4-cycle fuel tech
                  i.  Pure methanol only
                 ii. Holeshot power mists, or fuels with additives, are illegal at Hunterstown Speedway.  If the drivers fuel smells like ether, the tech committee and board has the right to declare the                           driver illegal plus have the fuel sent to a lab to be tested.  If it is found that there is an additive in the fuel, the driver who’s fuel was tested will pay for the lab fees, lose points for                          that night and possible suspension per review from the board, no option to “throw-away.”
              b.  Clone Spec Fuel 
                   i.  Required to use:  87 Octane from Hunterstown Truck Stop at 25 Sandoe Road, Gettysburg, PA  17325 (1.9 miles from the track).
                  ii.  Fuel must fall within plus or minus ten (10) points of spec gas.

       10.  All Champ/Cage classes must have a separate check valve in fuel tank.

       11.   Hunterstown Speedway allows up to 50 over on a Briggs after market flathead piston and Burris wrist pin .318 max id.  Must meet the same measurements out of the book with no performance advantages.