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Hunterstown Speedway – Gettysburg, PA

In operation since 1962, this outstanding 1/5 mile dirt track facility has been providing a place for go-kart racers of all ages and skill levels to compete. With a great family atmosphere, Hunterstown Speedway puts a strong emphasis on both safety and sportsmanship. Over the years, Hunterstown has produced many of today’s finest professional drivers.

Located between New Oxford and Gettysburg, PA. We highly recommend everyone pays a visit to this great facility for a great night of racing and family entertainment.

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Results from 8/24/19

Jr Stars
1. Cooper Shupe
2. Drake Shue
3. Mo Apostolopkis
4. Trey Fogelsonger

Jr Champ
1. Adain Cunningham
2. Jake Davis
3. Samuel Miller
4. Jordan Dunleavy

1. Zeth Jarvis
2. Geoff Carey
3. Chase Robinson

Sr Champ Animal
1. Cole Chenault
2. Tim Liddick
3. Dominick Giannotti

Yamaha 375
1. John Talerico
2. Logan Talerico
3. Bryce Unger
4. Jack Eckard

Clone 375
1. Greg Emlet
2. James Emory
3. Chase Wolfe
4. Zach Emlet
5. Billy Beatty

Jr 2 Champ
1. Cooper Shue
2. Kyli Taylor
3. Emma Bloss

Flathead 375
1. JR Fogelsonger
2. Jeremy Shifflett
3. Dwayne Hottle
4. Blake Wright
5. Jake Moser

Animal 340
Michael Dunleavy

Novice kids Champ
Samuel Miller
Matthew Buckingham
Trey Fogelsonger

Sr Champ (Burris)
1. Chuck Bowers
2. Tim Liddick

Jr 1 Champ(Burris)
Parker Hrubochak

Jr 2 Champ (Burris)
1. Kyli Taylor
2. Cooper Shue

Jr Champ (Burris)
Adain Cunningham
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Damn J.R. Fogelsonger, wish I knew you were ganna be there!

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2 days ago

The weather looks great for racing tomorrow!! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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