2019 Predator Rules

Reduced Entry Fee

ClassAgeWeight/Motor Information
Jr Class8-12285 lbs
Sr Class13+375 lbs

1st place Trophy only.  NO POINTS!  NO PAYOUTS!

Must be a Harbor Freight Predator 212 cc (model 60363 or 69730)

The engine must be ran as an out of the box.
Kart has to be 3 yrs or older
The Governor must be connected and operational.
The air filter, sock and gas tank must be stock and in stock place
Engine must pass governor test on the stand if asked (5500 max)
Engine must have keyway as installed by factory on the flywheel
Stock Flywheel only
Factory stock Carb. NO MODIFICATIONS!
Low oil shut off may be disconnected
You can only bolt on a chain guard. NO AFTERMARKET ADD-ON
No machining of any kind
Open/any clutch
Fuel: 87 Octane only- NO ADDITIVES
Open tire

Claimer Rule: The track has the option to claim any motor at anytime for any reason at the track discretion. Any refusal to turn over claimed motor will result in immediate DQ from that days event and suspension from class for 2 weeks.
Anyone  found illegal will be DQ’d from the days event and suspended from class for 2 weeks on the first offense. A second offense will result in suspension from the class for the remainder of the season.